Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View your personal details.
  • Update your personal details.


MyCOMET is your own personal profile for football in New Zealand. All information stored within MyCOMET relates to you as a user – include your own personal details. With a few clicks you can update your personal details such as they change over time.


  • Once logged in, select Personal Info.
    • If you are on mobile, select the Show Menu icon in the top left corner, then select Personal Info.



Here you will see all your personal information including your personal details and your contact information in separate tabs. 


  • Select the tab you want then select edit to edit your details.
    • If you are on mobile, scroll down to the page to see the Edit button.



  • Complete any of the details you wish to add or edit and select Save.


To amend your contact information such as your mobile and email address, select the pencil icon next to the relevant contact that you wish to amend.


To add a new contact:

  • select Add.
  • Use the Type dropdown to select the relevant contact type such as email or phone.
  • Input the value in the Value field i.e. the email address or phone number.
  • Input a description if you wish e.g. work email. This is not required. 
  • Select Save.


Note: The first email address i.e. the email address at the top of your list of contacts is your primary email. All password resets will be sent to this account. This will also be reflected under the name at the top of the screen. 


Note: If you receive an error message "Person with name and DOB already exists" then there are duplicate accounts for you in the system. These will need to be merged before you can continue so please start a ticket HERE.