Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View your unpaid transactions.
  • Make payment for unpaid transactions.


If you have selected Pay Later during the registration process, or if unpaid payments have been added to your profile, you can very easily view and make payment for these transactions via your MyCOMET profile.


Note: Make sure to check the website of the club for any additional registration information that may not be available on MyCOMET.


  • Once logged in, select My Orders from the left hand menu.
    • If you are on mobile, select the three dots '…' icon in the bottom right corner, then select My Orders.


  • All your orders will be listed here. Select an unpaid invoice to view it.
  • After selecting the unpaid invoice you will be taken to the overview of the item. Scroll down and select Pay Online Now

  • Follow the on screen instructions to make payment either via credit / debit card or online EFTPOS.