I can't see where to add a second child to the profile that I have created

This function isn't currently available (We are working towards this in future versions of our registration system). 

To register multiple children each will need to have their own account in their own name (as this is the name the club sees when the registration comes through). Please note that the same email address can be used for multiple accounts so there is no need to have separate emails for each account.

If there is an error when trying to create profiles for the additional children please refer to the "user already exists with those details" FAQ Here

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I have updated my DOB but when I try to save I get an error message and the change isn't completed

MyComet uses first name, last name and DOB to determine if a duplicate profile is being created. If the DOB is entered incorrectly when the profile is first set-up it will allow the set-up to be completed. If you go back to update the DOB this will then match another record in the system if the member already had a profile and therefore it will block this duplicate being created. 

If you have mistakenly created a new profile we are able to merge this with your previous profile. This will allow you to keep the log in details you created but update the profile with the correct DOB and any registration history from previous seasons. To do this start a new support ticket HERE.

On no occasion should you intentionally falsify the members name or DOB to create an additional profile in the system as this could lead to your club being sanctioned. 

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I can't see the registration item that I want to purchase

If you are signing up as a new member the registration page will default to New Zealand Football. To see the registration items for your club you will need to change the "choose seller" dropdown at the top of the registration page. You can do this by either starting to type the name of your club and clicking on the club name once it has filtered or you can click the drop down arrow and scroll to the club name and click on it. 

If you are a returning member the registration page will default to your last registered club so if you have changed clubs please use the instructions above to change the "choose seller" dropdown. Please note that if you club offers football and futsal there are often different clubs so you may need to change the "choose seller" box depending on what you are registering for. 

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I have tried to add an item to my cart but I get an error saying "the item price is not defined or expired"

When setting up items clubs have the ability to determine an end date for their pricing after which registrations for that item are closed. If you are attempting to purchase an item after the registration closing date you will receive the above error message. 

To resolve this you will need to contact your club directly to arrange a late registration. Please note this support site is not directly affiliated with any club. 

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I have tried to add an item to my cart but I get an error saying "you cannot purchase a registration item while logged into a club administration profile"

If you have an account that you use to log in and complete online team sheets or other club administration tasks this will be a different administration log in from your player/coach registration log in. Whilst logged into an administration account you will not be able to purchase registration items. 

To resolve this you will need to change accounts and log into your player/coach registration account. If you do not have those details please see the forgotten username/password FAQ Here.

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I have tried to make payment for an item but I get an error message saying "seller account not valid"

To receive online payments clubs need to set-up a Paymark account. This isn't a requirement and some clubs may opt not to receive online payments. 

If you are receiving the above error message then it's likely the club has opted not to receive online payments. To complete registration in this instance you will need to click the pay later button and confirm payment options with your club - often payment instructions are included in the description of the item you have purchased. 

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I tried to make a payment with my credit card but I got an error saying "bank declined transaction" even though there is money available

Usually this error message means that you have input some of the card details incorrectly. If you have used an autofill function to fill out your details please double check that all the card details have been completed accurately. 

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I have paid for an item in MyComet but now I wish to get a refund

All payments made in MyComet go directly to the club that set up the item. To receive a refund you will need to contact your club directly. Please note this support site is not directly affiliated with any club.

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I have an unpaid invoice, how can I can complete the payment?

If you chose the pay later when you registered but now wish to complete the payment just log into MyComet and click on the dashboard link from the menu. On the dashboard you will see an unpaid invoices button, just click this button which will reopen the same invoice and you can follow the payment instructions to complete the payment.

See Footy Tip relating to this process here.

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I have an incomplete invoice showing, what does that mean?

An incomplete invoice means that your registration with that particular item has not been completed. To complete the registration with this item you can navigate to your MyComet dashboard and click on the unpaid items button then to complete the registration you will either need to click pay later (if the club has made this available) or you will need to complete the online payment.

If you already have a completed registration for the same item and therefore need the incomplete invoice removed please contact your club to get this deleted.

If payment was completed but the invoice still shows as incomplete this is because the browser window was closed too early. In this instance the status of the invoice will be updated by the system within 24 hours. If it remains incomplete please start a new support ticket HERE to have it updated. 

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I have an invoice showing as unpaid but I have paid the club directly for this item

If clubs are taking payments outside of the online portal (e.g. bank transfer or cash) then they will need to update the invoice in the system from unpaid to paid manually. 

If there is an item showing on your account that you believe you have paid but the status shows as unpaid then you can contact your club directly and ask for this to be updated to confirm receipt of your payment. Please note this support site is not directly affiliated with any club.

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