Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Log into COMET.
  • Understand what each of the consoles mean.


COMET is a comprehensive football management IT system, designed to centralize all information related to clubs, matches and competitions, and automate key business processes where able. 


COMET covers all functionalities required for NZ Football (NZF), Federations, and Clubs with the key goal being to make your job easier and enable integrity and transparency of information and processes across the board.


Now that you’re logged, you will notice four main sections: 

  • The Quick Search Bar (1).
    • Here you can quickly search for a person, club, or venue by entering the name in the field available.
  • The Primary Navigation Menu (2).
    • Here you can access the various consoles of COMET such as advanced searches, competitions, and reports.
  • The Central Display Area (3).
    • The central display area will change depending on what you have selected. For example, if you have searched for a player, this area will display information about the player. If you’re competition information, then this information will appear here.
  • The Settings Menu (4).
    • From the settings menu you can navigate to the Home page, access the COMET Help Website, update your details via User Settings, change the site language, and log out.

Primary Navigation Menu

The menu has a host of consoles that allow you to do various functions within COMET such as confirm registrations, or enter in match results.

Lets go through the ones that are relevant to you as a user:
Here you can access the advanced player search, create a new player, view domestic transfers related to your club, confirm player registrations, and red flag un-financial players.

Coaches & Staff
Similar to the Players module, here you access the advanced coach and staff search, create new coaches and staff, and confirm coach and staff registrations to your club.
The Club console gives you quick access to your club’s database, and your upcoming / previous played matches. Here you can also access the advanced club search, create new officials to your club, and create your club’s registration items (e.g. Senior Fees 2019).
With the Competitions console you can view all the competitions that your club has been registered to, register to a competition, enter in results, and view all kinds of competition data such as a tables, results, and fixtures.
Reports & Statistics
From reports about your club’s players, to your team’s scoring streak within a competition, the Reports & Statistics console is your one stop shop for reporting on various data for your club and its members; and competitions that it is involved.
The Help console is where you can submit tickets to the COMET support team. The team will provide you with help and guidance on using the system, or fix any bugs or issues that you may experiencing while using COMET.