Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View custom attributes on an item.
  • Add a new custom attribute to an item.
  • Report on custom attributes.


Custom attributes refer to the additional information that your club wishes to collect about people who select your items. For example, if you have created a player registration item, you may wish to know if a player’s parents can coach, or what size shirt/shorts the player is. Custom attributes are completely up to you as a club and adding them to your items is very easy. 


  • Once logged in, select Clubs from the left hand menu.
  • Select Club Items.



Here you will see a list of all the items that your club has created, displaying their name, type, and status. 


  • Click on the Arrow on the relevant item to be taken to its dashboard.
  • Select Custom Attributes.


Here you will see a list of all the custom attributes against this item. The order they are presented in, is the order that these fields will appear for a person when they select this item.



If you haven’t added any custom attributes before then this page is going to be blank; so lets add a couple for practice. 


  • Select New Attribute.
  • Input the name of the field in the Attribute Name e.g. “Can you help with coaching?”
  • Input information about the attribute into the Description field.
    • This is used to assist other administrators in knowing what the field is.
  • Select whether or not the field is required or not but toggling the Required check box.
    • If this box is checked, then a person cannot select this item unless the complete this attribute.
  • Select the relevant Field Type 
    • One line of text: Allows registrant to input a short answer (1 – 10 words).
    • Multiple lines of text: Allows registrant to input a long answer
    • Date: Registrant must input a date.
    • Number: Registrant must input a number.
    • Checkbox: Allows registrant to tick / untick a box.
    • Dropdown: Allows registrant to pick from a list of 2 or more options
    • File: Allows registrant to upload a file – uploads it against the person’s profile.
  • Select Save.



Easy! To edit any existing attributes, simply select the pencil icon next to the relevant attribute. The same goes for deleting one, select the trash can icon next to the attribute you wish to delete.



Now that you’ve completed a custom attribute, lets look at how you can change the order of these items as they appear on MyCOMET for a registering person.


Next to each custom attribute you will notice two arrows: one facing up, and one facing down. By selecting either arrow, the attribute will move either up or down. The order reflected here will be the order that a person will see these fields when registering.



Note: Custom attributes are only visible when the registering person selects the specific item. 


Lastly, to view all the responses that registrants of have made for your custom attributes:

  • From the item, select the Invoiced tab.
  • Select Survey.


You will then be presented with a list of all those that have registered for this item, and their responses to the custom attributes.