Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Access the Player Confirmation console.
  • Confirm player registrations individually.
  • Confirm player registrations in bulk.


Any player that is registered to your club for the first time, or for the first time in a new season, will be registered to your club with status of ENTERED. This indicates that the player’s registration to the club is pending confirmation by the club’s administrator.


Note: Until a player has been confirmed, their registration to the club is incomplete.


Lucky, COMET has a quick way to view and confirm any players in your club that are pending confirmation.


  • Once logged in, select Players from the left hand menu.
  • Select Confirm Registrations.



Tip: A bracketed number will appear next to the Confirm Registrations text; this is an indicator of how many players need to be confirmed.


Here you will see a list of all the players that are pending confirmation to your club; displaying their name, COMET ID, date of birth, and date of initial registration i.e. date they were entered into your club.



There are two ways in which you can confirm a person’s registration. Individually, or in bulk. Lets start with bulk as it’s the most simplest.


  • Tick the box to the far right of the player’s name. Do this for all the players you wish to confirm.
  • Once done, select Confirm Registrations. 





If its so easy to do it in bulk, why would you ever do it individually? Well, viewing the profile individually allows you to view more information about the player such as their playing history, or transaction history. As well, it is from here you can cancel a person’s registration to your club. 


  • From the Confirm Players console, select the magnifying glass next to the relevant player to be navigated to their dashboard.



From here, you can view more information about the player and make a decision on whether you wish to CONFIRM the registration, or REJECT it.


  • Scroll down to the Active Registrations section. You should be able to see the registration to your club with a status of ENTERED.


  • Select Edit on your club’s registration.
  • If you wish to CONFIRM the registration, From the 'Save As' drop down menu select CONFIRMED.
  • If you wish REJECT the registration, From the 'Save As' drop down menu select REJECTED.


Note: If you reject the player’s registration, it is best practice to contact the player and advise them of such, including reasoning.