Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Respond to termination requests made by MyComet Users


Users can now request to terminate their registrations via their MyComet log in. Once you have received this request you can either respond by confirming the player’s termination, or denying the termination.


Note: Please be aware of the NZF Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players particularly; 
  • NZF RSTP 10.5 - No Club may unreasonably withhold its confirmation of a termination request by an amateur Player. If a Club has not acted upon a termination request within seven (7) days of the termination request being made in accordance with regulation 9.2, then the Player’s Regional Association or NZF, as relevant, may terminate the Player’s registration unilaterally.
  • NZF RSTP 10.6 - A Club may withhold its confirmation of a Players termination request until the Player has, as specified in any agreement between the parties, (a) returned any Player’s equipment, and (b) reimbursed to the Club all invoiced and unpaid registration fees, and levies and/or fines paid on behalf of the Player.

View the full NZF Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players HERE

  • Once a player or coach has requested a termination, all club referents will receive an email detailing the request for termination. From there you can click on the Comet ID of the player which will take you to their registration page. Note: Once the registration status is changed to TERM. REQUESTED the player is removed from the clubs list of active players.


  • Once logged in you will see the registration status of the player is TERM. REQUESTED. To action this request click the edit button at the bottom of the registration. 



  • From there you will have two options, Return or Confirm Termination. 

  • To confirm the termination enter a date in the Date To field and click the Confirm Termination button and finalise the termination.
  • To deny the termination click the Return button. In the reason/description box enter a reason for denying the termination and click Return.

Note: The reason for denying the termination request should align with NZF RSTP 9.6.


  • Terminating the registration will remove it from the active registrations tab. Denying the termination will change the registration status back confirmed. An email will be sent to the player/coach with the result of the termination request. 

Note: If there is no response to a termination request after 7 days then the players registration may be terminated unilaterally.