To accept online payments through COMET, you will need to set up a Paymark Merchant Account. You only need to this once.

The process can be split into two distinct processes that can be done at the same time:

  1. Getting setup with your bank for Paymark Click; and
  2. Completing a AML Verification Check.

Paymark Click

To get setup with Paymark Click, simply head down to your bank and ask to get setup with Paymark Click. You may need to speak to the merchant services team at your bank.

If you club uses multiple accounts to manage the club activities e.g. junior bank account and senior bank account, you can ask for two accounts. This will allow you to have two items available for purchase going into two different bank accounts at the same time.

Note: When managing online payments, make sure that your club’s website is Website Compliant. CLICK HERE for a guide on how to ensure your club’s website is compliant.

AML Verification Check

Due to recent legislation changes to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CT) Bill in August 2017, financial organisations taking extra pre-cautions and undergoing AML checks for their customers to compliance with the bill.

The checklist below details all the information that you are required to provide and submit for AML checks. Once collected, forward all the relevant documentation to your Federation:

Note: If you bank with ASB you are not required to undergo an AML Verification Check. You are only required to go to your bank and ask to get setup with Paymark Click.

Download AML Checklist Here