Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Input your Paymark code against your club.
  • Enable online payments for your items.


Once you have your Paymark Merchant Account setup and have been given your Paymark ID by NZ Football, you will need to link your Club’s database on COMET to your Paymark Merchant Account. Doing this will activate online payments and allow members to make payment via the MyCOMET portal. 


Note: You must have been given your Paymark ID by NZ Football before you can complete this. Start a ticket on this help site if your Paymark process has been completed and you have not received your code from NZ Football.


  • Once logged in select your club name from the middle of the page to navigate to your club’s dashboard.
    • Alternatively, select Clubs from the left hand menu, then select My Club.



  • Select the Contacts tab.
  • Select New Contact.



  • In the Type dropdown box, select Payment Gateway Account.
  • In the Value field, enter the 5 digit Paymark code.
  • Enter in a Description e.g. “Paymark code”
  • Select Save



Done! Upon doing this, your club’s items will be automatically updated with code. Members can now make payment for your items via the MyCOMET portal.


It is good practice however to double check your items and verify the code to make sure that it is working as expected.


  • Select Clubs from the left hand menu.
  • Select Club Items.



  • From your list of items, select Open Details on an item that you wish to check.



  • Select Edit.
  • Ensure your club’s Paymark code is visible in the Payment Account field.
  • Select Verify



You should receive a confirmation message from the top right hand corner of the page advising you that your code is valid. Once done, select Save


Repeat this process for all your active items.


Note: If you receive an error message when verifying your code, ensure that you have input the code correctly. If the number is correct, start a ticket on this help site for assistance.