Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Log into the Messenger.
  • Navigate around the messenger options.

Note: This guide is designed for Version 2 (v2) of the Messenger (formerly Communicator). Launched 21 Oct 2020.

The Messenger is an in-built email communication tool that allows club users to compose and send emails to their members (players, coaches, staff, etc). Accessed from the top menu within COMET, v2 allows users to create templates, distribution groups, and messages. 


  • Navigate to the Messenger by  navigating logging into COMET and from the top menu selecting Other Applications then Messenger. 



  • This will open a new window and you will find that the UI looks very similar to that of MyCOMET but the menu options relate only to the Messenger.



There will be five sub-options available to you. The most relevant ones will be:

  • Message Templates
    • Here you can create email templates that you can use to send to members. So if you send similar emails multiple times, instead of writing them over and over, you can simply create a message template.



  • Distribution Groups
    • Here you can define the groups that you can send emails to e.g. U10 players, Senior Mens players, etc.



  • Compose Message
    • As the name suggests – this option allows you to create the emails that you will be sending to your members.



  •  Outbox
    • As usual the outbox will show you the messages you have sent.