Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a Message Template
  • Understand what merge fields are and how to use them.


Note: This guide is designed for Version 2 (v2) of the Messenger (formerly Communicator). Launched 20 Oct 2020.


A message template is a preformatted and/or prewritten email that you can use to quickly and easily create emails. In the Communicator, templates are very easy to make and allow you use merge fields to make emails more personalized (more on that in a second).


Let’s start by creating a Message Template:


  • Log into COMET
  • Click Other Applications then Messenger from the top menu.


  • Select Message Templates from the left hand menu. 



Here you will see a list of all the Message Templates that are available to you. Use the arrows to navigate through the pages if you have multiple templates, or use the search bar to find a particular one.


  • Select Add.



  • Input a Name. This should be easily identifiable for future reference e.g. Monthly Wrap Up Template.



  • Select Template Type dropdown.
    • Private type will be templates that only you can see.
    • Public type will allow you to make templates that are visible to other club administrators within your club.



  • Input the default email Subject for the template.
    • Don’t worry you can change this when you are composing a message. For now lets make this “Hey”


Below the subject field and message box you will see four merge fields: Sender First Name, Sender Family Name, Recipient First Name, Recipient Family Name. So what are merge fields?



Merge fields are designed specifically for templates like this and use formulas to incorporate values for a record. They are a great way to add personalisation to an email. For example, if you were to click the Recipient First Name underneath the subject field, our subject field would look something like this:


Hey #{recipient.firstname}


Whilst it looks strange to us as the template creators, when we use this template and send to our distribution groups, #{recipient.firstname} will be replaced with the first name of the recipient. So the from the recipient’s perspective, our subject line will look like this:


 Hey John


Note: If you select a merge field from under the Subject line, it inserts it into the subject field. If you select a merge field from under the message box, it inserts it into the message box.

  • Add any merge fields you would like to the subject line.
  • In the main message box, start typing a template message, using any merge fields you would like. 
  • Select Save.



Done! You have now created a message template that can be used for future messenger sends.