Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Compose a message in Communicator.
  • Send a message to a distribution group.


Note: This guide is designed for Version 2 (v2) of the Messenger (formerly Communicator). Launched 20 Oct 2020.

Sending a message via the Messenger is quick and easy to do. If you have created message templates, the process is even quicker!


  • Log into COMET
  • Click Other Applications then Messenger from the top menu.



  • Select Compose Message from the left hand menu.



  • In the Recipients field, input the name of the distribution group that you wish to send to.
    • You can also search and select individual members. 
  • In the Subject field, input the subject. If you have created a Message Template, select the template button to the right and select the relevant template.



  • In the message box, type out your message.
    • If you selected a message template, your message will be automatically populated.
  • Delivery by email should be toggled on. If not, move the dot to the right.
  • Select Send Message.



Done! You should see a little confirmation box at the bottom the screen advising you that the message has been sent. You can also check your sent messages in your outbox.