Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View a coach’s accreditations.


With COMET, viewing the accreditations that a coach within your club is easier than ever and can be accessed in just a few clicks. 

  1. Once logged in, use the quick search bar to search and find the coach.



Tip: If you use the Search Coaches advanced search (found within the Coaches & Staff tab from the left hand menu), you can use the Coach Level filter to search for coaches within your club that have that accreditation. 



  • Ensure the View As is set to Coach.



  • Select the Additional Info tab.


In the Accreditations section you see all the accreditations that the coach has, the length of each and whether or not they are active. 



Note: If an accreditation is inactive, it means that it is no longer valid and the coach will need to get reaccredited.