Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Add a goal against a player within a match.
  • Add a card against a player within a match.
  • Add a substitution against players within a match.


With COMET you can enter full statistics for a match such as goals, penalties, cards and substitutions. Depending on competition regulations, you may be required to enter the match events for a match. It is important that you check the competition manager on what is required.


  • Once logged in select Referees and Officials from the left hand menu.
  • Select My Next Matches.



  • Use the filter options to search and select the relevant match.



  • You will displayed with a list of matches you have been appointed to and the status of the match has not yet been changed to PLAYED. Click on the match you are wanting to add the score to, which will take you to the match dashboard.
  • Select the tab of the club which you want to edit first. 


Here we are going to be working in the Lineup section of this page. To add a match event (goal, card or substitution), simply click on the relevant person. It is important to note that the options available for a starting player (non-italicized) will differ for that of a player that is currently on the bench i.e. a player that hasn’t been subbed on yet cannot score a goal.

Let’s start with the simplest match event: adding a goal.

  • Select the relevant player. Remember this must be a starting player or a subbed on player.
  • Select the Goal option.
    • You can also select either the Own Goal or Penalty options if applicable.
  • In the minute box to the left, input the minute the goal was scored. If applicable, input stoppage time in the box on the right.
  • Select Save.

Note: Stoppage time (the minute box on the right) can only be added when the minute field equals the end of either half e.g. 45 or 90.


Tip: If you have multiple match events to add to the player, instead of selecting save, select +Add.



Easy? Thought so! Now let’s add a card to a player. The process is exactly the same as above so let’s start straight from when we have selected a relevant player in either the start list or a subs bench.


Note: You will only be able to enter a card against a player if the competition has been configured as such. Talk to your competition manager to find out if clubs are required to complete this information.

  • Select either Yellow Card or Red Card.
  • In the dropdown box that appears, select the relevant yellow / red card code.
  • Select Save.


Note: A player does not need to be subbed on in order to receive a card.


Finally, let’s sub a player on. To sub a player, select the player that is coming on i.e. player from the substitutes’ bench.


  • Select the Substitution option.
  • In the dropdown box select the player that is coming off i.e. from the starting list.
  • Select Save.


If at any stage you enter incorrect information you can delete this by clicking back into the player and selecting the rubbish bin delete icon next to the saved record and complete the change by selecting save again. 



Done! So to recap we have learnt how to add goals against a player, how to add a card against player, and how to sub players on th pitch. As you’ve seen, the workflows are identical, so once you learn how to do one, you’ve learnt how to do all of them.