Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Complete the assessment of a referee in Comet.

Where a match has been assigned an assessor, the assessor can log onto COMET and complete their assessment directly onto the system – removing the need to use excel spreadsheets. 


  • Once logged into COMET, select Referees & Officials from the left hand pane.
  • Select My Next Matches.
  • Select the relevant match which you wish to assess. You will be navigated to the Match Dashboard.
  • Select the Referee Assessor tab.
  • Select Edit to begin the assessment.
  • Expand the section for each of the referees and complete the assessment against the criteria.
  • Select the Overall Performance dropdown box to the right of the section and select the appropriate option.
  • With the Positive Points and Improvement Areas sections, select +add to provide commentary to the assessment.
    • Use the minute and stoppage boxes if you want to specify the specific time in the match to reference.
    • Select the appropriate predefined list of comments. This will automatically prepopulate the description box. If you cannot find the appropriate selection, simply leave the option as “choose” and use the description box to write your comment.
    • Select Save.
    • Repeat the above for each positive and improvement comment you have.

  • Use the Further Comments field at the end of each section to provide additional comments related to the criteria area.
  • Once completed for each referee, scroll to the top of the page and select FINALISED.


 Note: If there are any sections that require to be completed, the system will present a warning and outline which sections are missing data.


 Note: If you wish to save the report and complete it later, instead of select finalised, select save. You will also note that every 5 minutes, the report will automatically save.