Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Add official fees to a competition.


Official fees refer to the amount that referees will be paid for officiating a match; you can set the fee amount to be standard regardless of the referee type, or you can adjust the amount depending on if the referee is main referee, assistant, 4th, or assessor.


To add fees to a competition, you will first need to navigate to the relevant competition. 


  • Once logged in, select Competitions from the left hand menu and select My Competitions.
  • Search and select the relevant competition from the list of competitions.



Note: For combination competitions, you will need to select the relevant child competition.

  • Select the Official Fees tab.
    • Note that the competition must have started before this tab becomes visible.



  • Select Edit.
  • Ensure that the Currency is set to NZD.
  • Input the Fee amount next to the corresponding match role.
  • Select Save.



Done! Now when a referee is assigned to a match, once that match is set to PLAYED, the system will automatically add that fee to their record.