Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View coaches/referees that have registered to a course.
  • Approve their accreditation

After you have started taking registrations you can navigate back to your Seminar by selecting Search Seminar under the Coaches and Staff tab.


Enter your organisation in the organisation search field and enter any other parameters you wish to search by. Once the search is completed select the seminar that you wish to view. 


Once back on the seminar dashboard, select the Coach/Referee tab (this will change depending on the seminar type). From there you will be able to see all the coaches/referees that have registered to the course or you can manually add coaches/referees to the course by selecting +Coach/Referee and searching the coach you want to register. 

Note: They would already need to have a profile in Comet to add them manually. For those that are registered their status is set to ATTENDING. 



  • To remove attendance registrations you can click the button
  • To update the records following the course click the  button to bring up the dialogue box.



  • If the attendee did not attend you can select Decline Attendance.
  • If the attendee has completed the course and completed any assessments (if required) select the Approve License button. This will automatically create the accreditation on the persons profile.
    • The time periods for an accreditation will be based on when the accreditation is approved by you. The length of these will vary depending on the accreditation and will be preconfigured. Lengths can be adjusted however from the person profile.
  • If there is an assessment component which is not completed you can select Assessment Failed.