Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate to a Match Dashboard.
  • Assign referees to a singular match.


The manual assigning of referees to a match refers to the assignment of referees to a singular match at a time. This may be a preferred way if you wish to focus on a single match at a time.


  • Once logged in, select Competitions from the left hand menu.
  • Select My Competitions.
  • Select the relevant competition.
  • Select the relevant match to navigate to its dashboard.
  • Select Edit.



  • In the Match Officials section, input the name of the referee next to the corresponding match role.



  1. Once you have entered all the officials, select Save.


Tip: If you see a number next to a match role, this indicates the number of referees that have rejected that allocation. By hovering over the number you can see who rejected it and the reasons.



Unless you know that a referee is available, you should always use the magnifying glass to search and assign a referee. When using the magnifying glass, you can view all referees in a list format; where referees are already assigned, you will see this in the Assigned columns; and where referees have input their unavailability, they will be marked in red.



By hovering over red marked referees, you can see why they are unavailable without having to navigate to the Availability console.