Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Run report to view accreditations of referees within Federation


The accreditation report provides you with a list of all the referees within your Federation, their accreditations and accreditation status ie active or inactive.


  • Once logged in, select Reports & Statistics from the left hand menu.
  • Select Referees & Officials.



  • Use the search bar to search and select the List of Referees by Organisation and Category report.



  • Use the Referee Category to select the relevant accreditation. Alternatively, you wish to just leave this as Choose to see all.
  • Select Run Report.



Once this report is run, you will see all the referees that have either have a current or previous registration to your Federation. You may also note that some are displayed more than once.


It is important to remember that this report is based on accreditations, not registration. This means that duplicate records in this report indicate that the person has multiple accreditations.


Use the Title Type column to filter down to a particular accreditation e.g. Referee Level 1; and use the Date From column to filter down to the date an accreditation was granted. You can do this by simply typing in the name or date in the respective column headers.



Tip: by typing in the year in the Date From column, you will filter and show only accreditations granted in that year.   


Like with all COMET reports, you may export this report to a word, pdf, excel, or csv document.