Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View Competitions your club is involved.
  • Understand the different tabs in a competition dashboard.



The competitions dashboard is your one-stop-shop for all information about a particular competition. From the dashboard you can view information such as the competition configurations, teams in the competitions, and fixtures and results.


  • Once logged in, select Competitions from the left hand menu.
  • Select My Competitions.



Here you will see a list of all the competitions that your club has been entered into. It is important to note that you will not see every competition within your Federation / country – just the competitions for which your club features in. 


To view that competition, simply click on it.



Now you might notice that some competitions in your list look a bit different in that they have an arrow to the left of its name. These type of competitions are known as Combination Competitions. The arrow indicates that the competition has more than one phase attached to it, such as grading or championship rounds. Select the arrow to view all the phases of the competition, and then select the appropriate phase. 


 Tip: When adding a catalogue of players and/or coaches and officials, you should do this at the main competition level, not the individual phases. Adding a catalogue at the main competition means that the players will be available in all the phases below. 

  • Select the relevant competition.


Depending on whether or not the competition’s fixtures have been generated or not, you will be taken to the Competition tab, or the Matches tab respectively. Lets go into a bit more detail about the tabs that are most relevant to you.



The first tab to the left, this tab contains all the basic information about a competition, including its name, competition type, configurations and rules.


Select the + icon next to a relevant section to view the configurations / rules for the competition. The most relevant to you would be:

  • Registrations – indicates the first and final date you may add a player to the competition catalogue, as well as the maximum players allowed per team.
  • Lineups – indicates the match day rules such as max players per game, number of subs, rolling subs (flying subs).
  • Disciplinary – indicates the amount of accumulated cards allowed in the competition before a player receives a suspension.



Quite simply, this tab shows all the teams in the competition. From here you can also add a catalogue of players, coaches, officials, and select your club’s default venue (if applicable).




The matches tab contains the competition’s fixtures and results per round. Use the round selector to pick a round to view, then select a match to be navigated to the match’s dashboard.


From here you will also find some quick reports that you can run such as the full competition fixtures, top goal scorer for your club in this competition, accumulated cards and pending suspensions for your players. All these reports are downloaded in PDF format.




As the name suggests, here you can view the competition table and the rules used for calculating table position (e.g. points, then goal difference, then H2H, etc). Like the matches tab, you can access some quick reports such as the table, top goal scorer, cards and pending suspensions. All these reports are downloaded in PDF format.