Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View your clubs kits.
  • Add a new club kit.


Club kits create identity for your club and help differentiate between your club and others. Just as your club’s players wear their kits with pride on the pitch, with COMET you can add these kits so that they are visible on all match reports and team sheets.


The creation of club kits in COMET is fun and easy to do, and you can create as many club kits as you wish.


  • Once logged in, select your clubs name from the middle of the screen.
    • Alternatively, you can select Clubs from the left hand menu, then select My Club.



  • Select Team Kits.


Here you will see all the kits that have been created for your club, indicating whether they are your club’s home kit, away kit, alternate kit, goalkeeper kit etc.


If this is your club’s first kit, then your page is going to be looking pretty bland so lets jump right in and make our first kit!


  • Select Add.
  • In the Kit type field, select whether the strip is a home kit, away kit, etc.
  • Select the relevant Kit Pattern.
  • Select the colour of the shirts, shorts, and socks.



 Note: The second shirt colour is not applicable if you have selected Monochrome kit pattern. 


Use the colour picker by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor inside the vertical rainbow spectrum. Then in the box on the left hand side, click and drag your mouse cursor to select the correct shade. The further towards the top of the box you move your cursor, the lighter the colour section. Conversely, the further below you go, the darker the colour becomes.



 Tip: If you move your cursor to the top left, of the box, you can select white. If you move your cursor to the bottom left or bottom right, you can select black. 



 Tip: Use the RGB or Hex options to right of the rainbow spectrum to get the colours just right.


  • Select the refresh icon to see what your kit looks like.


  • Select Save.


Repeat above steps to create the other kits for your club. You can create as many as you want!