Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Search and find competitions.
  • Register your club to a competition.


Depending on the competition, you may be required to register your club and /or club teams to a competition. Doing this is simple to do - Get in touch with your Federation first before registering to a competition to ensure that this is required.


  • Once logged in select Competitions from the left hand menu.
  • Select Search Competitions.



Similar to the other advanced search functions within the system, you will be presented with a series of fields that you can input information in. The more information that you input into these fields, the more narrow your search will be. Conversely, the less information you input into these fields, the more broad your search will be.


Since there is a host of search options available to you, we recommend only adjusting the Organisation and Season fields.



  • In the Organisation field, change this to the Federation that is hosting the competition (or New Zealand Football in the case of national competitions). 
  • Select the relevant Season.
    • If you know competition runs across two years e.g. from Oct18 – Apr19, then select yes from the Prefix dropdown. Otherwise leave this field as is.
  • Select Search.



 Tip: If you know the ID of the competition, simply set the Organisation field to correct organiser, and in the ID field, input the ID of the competition, then select search.



You will be presented with all the competitions that match your search parameters. From here you can navigate through the search results using the page selector at the bottom. Alternatively, use the ID, Name, and/or organisation fields to narrow down your search.



  • Select the relevant competition to be taken to its dashboard.
  • Select the Teams tab.
  • Select Add to add your club and/or team. 



By default you will be presented with your club at the top and then all the teams within your club. 



If you club has multiple teams participating in the competition and/or has a name that is different to that of the club (e.g. sponsor name), then use the name column to search and select that team. Teams are identifiable in this list as the parent organisation will be that of your club.



  • Select the relevant team(s) and close the window.


Done! You have registered your club to that competition. The competition will now be visible in the list of competitions from the My Competitions section.