Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View a Match Dashboard.
  • Add players to your team for a match day squad.


Match day lineups refer to the players and officials that will travelling to a match and taking the field of play or sitting on the substitutes / officials bench. Depending on the relevant competition regulations, you may be required to submit a match-day lineup for your club. 


  • Once logged in select Clubs from the left hand menu.
  • Select My Next Matches.



Here you will see a list of all your club’s upcoming matches. Use the Competition filter to narrow your list. 



  • Select the relevant match to be navigated to its dashboard.
  • Select your club’s tab.



Here you will see your club’s officials, kit details, players available for selection and the selected lineup. Let’s focus on the Available Players and Lineup sections of this page.



The Available Players section will display a list of all players that are available for selection for this match, showing their kit number, COMET ID, name, and four boxes below the letters L, SL, GK, and CP. Ensure that you click the Load available players switch to show the available player list.

Before we go into detail about what these letters mean, lets discuss the players that may or may not appear for selection.


The list of players visible will depend on the following: 

  • The type of competition (e.g. junior boys, mixed youth, senior women).
  • Whether a catalogue is used and/or required
  • The status of the player – they must be CONFIRMED in your club.


So ensure that you keep this mind when looking for players.


Now that we understand why we may or may not see players, lets dive into detail about what these letters mean. Quite simply, these letters correspond to the player’s role within a match:


L: Lineup. These are the players that will be in either your starting lineup or your bench. If only this box is ticked, the player is a substitute.


SL: Starting Lineup. These are the players that will start the game on the filed/court. If this box is ticked, then this player will be starting.


GK: Goalkeeper. These are the players that are goalkeepers in your squad. If this box is ticked, then the player is a Goalkeeper.


CP: Captain. These are the players that are captain in your squad. If this box is ticked, then the player is the team captain. Note that you can only have one captain for the match day squad.


PL: Played. You will see this one appear if the competition allows for rolling substitutes. If this box is ticked, then this player was used as a rolling sub during the game.


  • Input the players shirt number in the No. column.
  • Tick the relevant role for the player. 
  • Select the Submit Arrow to add the players to the Lineup section. 

 Note: Depending on competition regulations, the system may block you from adding too many players to the match lineup.

 Note: If a player is appearing in red this means that they are unavailable for match, this will likely be due to the player needing to serve a suspension, or not meeting start list requirements, e.g. no approved APA.

The ! will have a description of why the player us unavailable to be selected

 Tip: If you select the Quick Select logo the system will preselect players from the previous round. You can then make adjustments as required and move players into the lineup.

Done! You’ve now added a list of players to the match day lineup for your club. If you want view this selected squad as a PDF that you can print, navigate back to the Match tab and select Options and then select either the Start List or Start List – no photo print options.


 Note: Depending on the competition regulations, you may not be able to select the start list until an x amount of time from kick off e.g. 60 mins from kick off.