Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View a Match Dashboard.
  • Add coaches and officials to your team for a match day squad.


Match day lineups refer to the players and officials that will travelling to a match and taking the field of play or sitting on the substitutes / officials bench. Depending on the relevant competition regulations, you may be required to submit a match-day lineup for your club. 


  • Once logged in select Clubs from the left hand menu.
  • Select My Next Matches.



Here you will see a list of all your club’s upcoming matches. Use the Competition filter to narrow your list. 



  • Select the relevant match to be navigated to its dashboard.
  • Select your club’s tab.



Here you will see your club’s officials, kit details, players available for selection and the selected lineup. Let’s focus on the Team Officials section of this page.



The Team Officials section will display a list of all coaches and officials that have been selected for this match. Chances are you in process of add a match day lineup, this section is going to be empty. So lets go ahead and a couple of officials.


  • Select Edit.



  • Start typing in the name of the coach or official in the corresponding role then select the person.
    • Alternatively you can select the arrow next to the corresponding role to see a full list of coaches or officials available for selection.
  • Once you have added all the coaches and officials, select Save.

 Note: For a coach or official to be available for selection, they must have a CONFIRMED registration of the relevant registration type (e.g. coach, doctor, physio, etc.) in your club.


 Tip: If your team features more of a certain coach or official type than what is available, use the +Add option, select the relevant type, select the relevant person, then select +Add.


 Tip: If you select Copy from previous round, it will automatically select the coaches and officials selected from the previous round.



Done! You’ve now added a list of coaches and officials to the match day lineup for your club. If you want view this selected squad as a PDF that you can print, navigate back to the Match tab and select either the Start List or Start List – no photo print options.


 Note: Depending on the competition regulations, you may not be able to select the start list until an x amount of time from kick off e.g. 60 mins from kick off.