Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Access Clubs & Players type reports.
  • View registered players. 
  • Run report to view all registered players to your club.


Viewing your club’s registered players is probably one of the most common activities that you will undertake as an administrator, particularly during the registration season. Lucky, doing this via COMET is very easy and can be done in one of two ways:

  1. From your club’s dashboard; and
  2. From a report.


Lets start with the simplest way – viewing from your club’s dashboard.


  • Once logged in select your clubs name from the middle of the page.
    • Alternatively, select Clubs from the left hand menu, and then select My Club.



You will be navigated to your club’s dashboard where you will see a list of all the players that have been registered to your club and their status (ENTERED or CONFIRMED). 



You can use the columns to filter down the list; or you may navigate through the pages. To view a player, simply click on their name.


What if you want this list in a spreadsheet? Simply click the excel icon to download the list. Easy!


Alternatively, you can access this information straight from report – giving you a bit more flexibility in the information you want to show / hide.


  • Select Reports & Statistics from the left hand menu.
  • Select Clubs & Players.



  • Use the report search bar to search and find the List of Players Registrations report.



  • In the Report Parameters you may wish to edit some the following fields:
    • Registration Status of Player – here you indicate the status of the player to your club.
      1. ENTERED: player’s registration is pending; awaiting confirmation or rejection.
      2. CONFIRMED: player is confirmed (registered) to your club.
      3. TERMINATED: player is no longer part of your club (past players)
      4. REQUEST (INT): A international request has been made your player
      5. TERM. REQUESTED: A player has requested to be termination from your club. 
    • Gender – indicate whether the players in the report are male or female
    • Age Category or Date of Birth– Outline the desired age category for the players in the report.
    • Date – indicate the period for which the players were registered.
  • Select Run Report.



The report will display all players that match your parameter. Click the excel icon to download the report.