Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Terminate a person’s registration to your club.


If a person is no longer a part of your club, or has requested their registration from your club to be terminated, you can terminate their registration.

Note: At the end of each season (31 December), all football player registrations are automatically terminated. This guides outlines how you can terminate player registrations before or after this date; and how to terminate all other types of registrations to your club.

The workflows outlined in this guide apply to all types of registrations, whether the person be a player, coach, official, or staff member, provided they have a registration to your club, you may terminate that registration at any point. 


  • Once logged in, use the Quick Search bar to find and select the relevant person.


  • Use the View As dropdown to ensure that you have selected the correct registration type.
    • E.g. if you want to terminate a player registration, the view as must be set to Player; for a coach, set to Coach, etc.



  • Scroll down to the Active Registrations section and select Edit on your club’s registration.


  • Input the date that you are terminating the registration in the Date To field.
  • Select the relevant Termination Reason.

  • Click save as to drop down the options and select Save as TERMINATED.


A confirmation window will appear prompting you to input some commentary regarding the termination. Please input any / all relevant information then select Yes.



Done! The person’s registration to your club has been terminated.


Note: If a person has more than one registration type to your club (e.g. player and coach), you will need to remove all registrations type to completely remove them from your club.