Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Access Competitions type reports. 
  • Run report to view competitions that your club/teams are involved in.


At the peak of the winter season your club may end up being involved in tens of competitions. Keeping track of which competitions your club is involved can be tricky. With Team Information report you can view all the teams within your club and the competition that they are involved in.


  • Once logged in, select Reports & Statistics from the left hand menu.
  • Select Competitions.



  • Use the report search bar to search and select the Team Information Report.



  • Select the relevant Season.
  • Select Run Report.


Tip: Use the Competition field to search for the teams you have within a certain competition. 

Tip: Ensure the Only Active Competitions box is checked to ensure that the report does not display completed competitions. 

The report will display all of your club’s teams, including their name, rank, competitions, and any notes. Use the Excel or CSV buttons to download the report.