Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you'll be able to: 

  • Navigate the homepage of the COMET Football App

The bottom command bar is showing 3 main sections – menu choices in COMET Football:  My Matches, Competitions and Settings.

My Matches screens show the user only his or hers relevant matches, divided between two tabs, based on the dates and statuses of those relevant matches.  Relevant matches are based on the roles a particular user may have and the organization to which he or she belongs.  For example, for a Club referent, these will be matches of the club. On the other hand, for a match official, these will be the matches to which he or she is appointed.  The list of Upcoming matches and Previous matches for any user corresponds exactly to the same screens in the web version of Comet.

Competitions menu also corresponds to the list of My Competitions available in the web version of Comet.  Similarly to the web version, users will have the option to Search through the list and also to Show all competitions, if necessary.

Settings menu shows you some key pieces of information from the user profile and also allows you to Logout.