Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you'll be able to: 

  • Open a match from My Matches screen.
  • Open a match from Competitions screen.

You can select and open a match via:

a) My Matches Screen

My Matches screen is the Home screen of the COMET Football app.  Matches shown here relate to your COMET permissions and/or match assignments. This screen consists of separate tabs for upcoming and previous matches. Matches will move to previous once they are changed to PLAYED.

To open the match screen:

  • Choose the match from the list

  • Tap  the match name

  • This will direct you to the match screen

b) Competitions Screen

If you want to choose the match from a certain Competition you can use the Competitions screen. Access the competition screen by tapping the Competitions icon on the Bottom tab bar of your mobile app:

This will display a list of all competitions related to your permissions and assignments. If you need to see a competition that is not displayed select the all button next to the search bar. There are separate tabs national, international and regional competitions, most will be under national competition.


  • Choose the competition from the list - you can use the search field to filter the competitions. 

  • Tap the competition name to open the competition.

  • This will redirect you to the Competition screen

Note: If the competition is set up with a parent & child comp relationship you will need to use the dropdown arrow next to the competition to select the child comp and locate the matches.

  • Choose the match from the list and tap the match name

  • This will direct you to the match screen