Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Access Comet Data
  • Navigate to disciplinary cases report
  • Use parameters to run report with required data

Reporting on disciplinary sanctions is now available through the new reporting platform - Comet Data. Reports in Comet Data are more generic than they have been previously so you will see there are a lot more parameters that allows us to manipulate the data we are reporting on. 

Start by navigating to Comet Data at https://comet.oceaniafootball.com/data/ then log in using the same username and password that you use to log into Comet. 

Once you are on the dashboard select Disciplinary from the menu on the left. (note - if you cannot see the menu click the 3 bars menu icon on the top left of the screen to display)

Once we have selected the Disciplinary category from the menu we will see a list of reports related to this category. For this guide we want to select the top report labelled Disciplinary Sanctions.


Now we will be in our report screen with all of the parameters we can set to provide our data. Let's look at reporting all of our disciplinary cases for the current season.

To do this we first need to set the Association parameter. This is related to the association that the competitions are set up at rather than the associated your club is set up at. For example if you have teams playing in National level competitions such as the National League or Chatham Cup you will need to set this as New Zealand Football otherwise this can be set to your Federation. There is a toggle button next to association labelled 'Include organisations below in hierarchy', to ensure we are reporting on all matches we need to have this toggled to the on position.

Next we need to set the Season parameter for the current season.

 Then we will set the Case Status parameter to Decision Made which ensures only cases that have been finalised are included in the report.

Finally you need to set the Club parameter. When you are logged in at club level you will only see your club as an option in this field. Just click the field and click the club to input the value. If this field is not set the report will produce an error. 

Once those parameters are set, click Run Report.

The report will display all sanctions that match our parameters. For players that have received a red card you will see there are two separate sanctions for the same card. One of these is the monetary fine associated with the card and the other is the match suspension associated with the card.

On the top right of the report there are another 3 icons that allow us to do a few more things. 

Let's work through what each of these do. 

This icon relates to the column display of our report. By default all of the available columns will be selected but this may be more data than we actually need. By clicking the columns icon we can either untick all of the columns we don't need or we can untick Show All at the top of the list and then tick only the columns we want.
This icon allows us to export the contents of the report to an Excel spreadsheet. For larger reports you will receive a notification that a link to download the report will be sent to the email address of your user account. If it is a smaller account the report will download straight into the browser. 
This icon allows us to save the report. This is useful if we are going to be running reports using the same parameters quite often. Click this item to see the save report options. From there we need to input a name for the report and optionally we can add a description. Then click Save.

To view our saved reports we need to click My Reports from the menu on the left. Then click the three dots on the right of the report we want to run and select Run Report.

Now that we have run a basic list of sanctions report let's look at some of the other parameters available to us and how we can use these to get other data from the same report. 

CompetitionsUse this parameter to only look at sanctions that have occurred in specific competitions.
Sanction StatusThis parameter allows you to set either Active, Cancelled or Closed. All monetary fines will go straight to closed so setting this parameter as active will all you to see any match suspensions that are still remaining.
Sanction TypeThis parameter will filter the report by specific types of sanctions. For example if you only wanted to look for the monetary fines then you could add that to this parameter.