Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you will be able to:

  • Access the Manage Menu,
  • Add/edit/delete unavailabilities

Start by navigating to the 'Manage Menu' by selecting Manage on the bottom right of the screen. Then, select the Unavailabilities.

After selecting Unavailabilities, you will be directed to a Calendar view. To input your unavailability, select add in the top right corner.

To add Unavailability, you will need to,

  • Use the 'All Day' switch button to chose between unavailability for all day, or for Time From and Time To,
  • Input a Date From and Date To,
  • Select the days of unavailability,
  • Add a description

Then, select save to add the unavailability. Days with added unavailability will show on the calendar with a red dot.

To edit, select the day that needs editing and select the unavailability. It can also be deleted from this screen by using the red rubbish bin in the top right corner.