Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Configure merchant settings
  • Enable online payments using your Paymark merchant number.
  • Configure payment options


Once you have your Paymark Merchant Account setup and have been given your Paymark ID by NZ Football, you will need to setup your Merchant Settings in the MyComet platform. Online payments will be setup using your Paymark Merchant Account and will allow members to make payment via the MyCOMET portal. 

Note: You must have been given your Paymark ID by NZ Football before you can complete this. Start a ticket on this help site if your Paymark process has been completed and you have not received your code from NZ Football.

  • Once logged in to MyComet, select Merchant Settings from the bottom of the left menu.
  • Then select, Create merchant profile.

  • Next, complete the details in the Merchant profile.
    • Merchant name is the club name.
    • Email is the main contact email address for the club.
    • Description is any chosen description.
    • Currency will default to NZD.
  • Click save.

  • Once saved, a Payment Options tab will appear. Click this tab to start configuring payment options.
  • Let's start by configuring our Paymark account, click the Paymark option from the list.

  • Toggle Enable online payments with Paymark to on.
  • Enter your Paymark Merchant number into the Paymark Account ID field.
  • If you wish to enable transaction fees for payment being made to your club/org you can toggle on the Enable transaction fee setting.
    • Fixed transaction fee is a dollar value that is charged with every transaction.
    • Percentage transaction fee will a percentage of the total transaction. 
  • Click save.

Note: Turning on transaction fees will enable this for all purchases on all items for your club/org.

  • Finally, if you wish people to be able to purchase items from your MyComet store but pay at a later date then you will need to enable to manual payment option. Click the manual option from the payment options tab.
  • Toggle Enable manual payments to on.
  • Click Save.

You are now configured to receive purchases and payments in your MyComet portal.