Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an early bird price.
  • Create a late registration price.
  • Create special pricing for small groups or individuals. 

Items you have created in MyComet can have multiple pricing options attached to them, which allows you set up early bird and late registration deals for registering members and also special pricing for some members. Let's take a look at how to set up different pricing options. 

  • Start by navigating to the item that you have previously set up in MyComet.
  • Then click on the pricing tab.
  • You will see the price that was set up when you created the item already in the pricing list. If you want to edit this price then click on the name.
  • To add another pricing option click the New Price button. 

  • After clicking on the existing price or the new price button you will see the price settings pop up. 
  • Let's start by creating early bird pricing.
    • Visible to will be set as All.
    • Name can be set with any description you want, let's call is Early Bird.
    • Amount will set the dollar value of the early bird price.
    • Valid from will be the date where the early bird pricing will be available for purchasers.
    • Valid to will be the last date the early bird pricing will be available for purchasers.
    • Set min number of recipients to 1.
    • Click save.

  • Now that we have set our early bird pricing we can use the same process to add other pricing like standard or late pricing options

Note: When setting multiple pricing options that are available to all purchasers then the valid dates cannot overlap. 

Adding special pricing

We can also add special pricing that will only be available to a select group of people. This can come in handy in situations where you are wanting to give discounts to certain people without that price being visible to others, for example when parents are coaching teams and they get a discount on their child's membership fee.

  • To set this up go through the same process as above except the Visible to setting should be set to Assigned.
  • Once the assigned pricing is set, click the Assign button on the top right.

  • From the Assign Item popup complete the required fields.
    • Search users can be used to search the individual(s) you want to assign the price to - multiple users can be input at once. Search by either name or Comet ID. 
    • Choose item will default to the item that was on the screen when you clicked assign.
    • Choose price will allow you to select any price from your list that you have chosen as an assigned price.
  • Click save to finish.

Once assigned those users will be able to log in and purchase the item with the special pricing.