Link to COMET Data

Learning Objectives


After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Report on items created
    • Items including registration and store items

Using COMET Data, you are able to easily report on the items created, items that have been purchased and item survey answers.

  • Navigate to COMET Data
  • Select Sales from the menu of the left
  • Here the item reports are listed
    • Items
    • Orders
    • Order Payments
    • Order Items
    • Order Item Survey Answers

After selecting the report you want to run, you will be shown the different parameters to select for that report.

The key parameters to take note of and adjust are:

  • Scenario - this is the only compulsory parameter. It is recommended to select 'All' or 'General Items'
  • Item Types - listed here are the different types of items that have been created in MyCOMET i.e. store and registration items
  • Item Status - here you can select between inactive, active and all
  • Item - here you can select a specific item to report on. However, if left blank, it will report on all items based on the other parameters set (i.e. item types and status)
  • Order Status - here you can select between paid, partially paid, unpaid and cancelled.
  • Date from and Date to - here you can choose to report on data in a specific date range. For example, you may want to report on items purchased in a specific month, or over the past season.

To report on registration item purchases (for the current season):

  • Select the Order Payments or Order Items report
  • Input the Scenario as 'All'
  • Input the Item Type as 'Registration Payment'
  • Select an Item (if you want to report on one item e.g. First Kick registrations), or leave blank if you want to report on all
  • Select the Date From value as 1st of January and leave the Date To value blank (this will capture everything from the 1st January onwards)

Once you have input all the parameters, select Run Report. You will then get a pop up with all the results.

The icons in the top right hand corner of the pop-up are,

  1. Export to excel
  2. Save the report (this saves the parameters you have set in 'My Reports' so you don't have to re-enter them each time if you intend on reusing the report)
  3. Save report as distribution group (to then use in Messenger)
  4. Columns (here you can exclude some information from pulling through in excel if you wish

Once you are happy with the parameters, and columns selected, export the report to excel. Once you have the report in excel, you can then manipulate and sort through the data to showcase the information so that it can be viewed beneficially for you.