Learning Objectives:

After completing this help guide you will be able to:

  • Purchase an item in MyCOMET
    • To register, or
    • Purchase a store item

In MyCOMET, items that can be set-up to purchase are either registration items or store items

Purchase a registration item with a direct link:

  • If your club has set up direct links to items, simply click the link and after logging in you will be taken directly to the page with items available for that club

  • Select the item that you wish to purchase from the list.
  • After selecting the item, you will be taken to a page with all the item details. Scroll down and select Add to cart.

  • If your club as set-up a survey, you will need to complete this after selecting add to cart.

  • View items in your cart by selecting the cart icon on the top right hand corner

  • When viewing your cart, this will show you cart summary and give you the option to checkout

In the checkout menu, you will see the following,

  • Order Details - Club details and your details
  • Items - list of items you are purchasing
  • Choose payment option - you will need to select 'Pay later' or 'Pay online now' before you can checkout

Once you have selected a payment option, select Place order to confirm your purchase

Purchase a registration item without a direct link:

If you do not have a direct link to club items, you can search for it by selecting Registrations in the menu on the left.

  • Then select the Register tab
  • Use the Organisation search box to search for the club
  • Select an Item from the list and continue with purchasing an item as instructed above.

Purchasing other Store Items:

  • Select My Store in the menu on the left
  • Select the Other tab
  • Use the search box labeled 'Choose Merchant' to search for the club you wish to buy a store item from
  • After selecting the club, the list of the club's store items will show.
  • Select Add to cart on the item you wish to purchase, and checkout as per the instructions above