Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide you will be able to,

  • Create an assessment template

Course Administrators are able to define Course Assessments, i.e. assessments are predefined forms/sets of questions that are used on the course by Course administrators to track specific results and assessments of the course participants.

For example, Course Administrators may need to track specific academic achievements of the participants. All of these scenarios can be configured by the Course administrators via the Assessments console in MyCOMET.

Creating an assessment follows the same process as creating surveys. Before we can create the template, we need to first create the groups, questions and units.


Assessment Units are predefined units used for measuring certain results/performances, units are used as values for entering question results. Some of the unit examples are: points, percentages, kcal, m/s, minutes, etc.

  • Select units under Assessments in the left menu
  • Here created units will be listed under the active and all tabs
  • To create a new unit, select Add

  • In the pop-up window, fill in all the details required to create a new unit
    • Name
    • Description
  • Select Save


Assessment Groups are designed as units which are used to logically group and organize questions in assessment results.

  • Select Groups under assessments in the left menu
  • Here created groups will be listed under the active and all tab
  • To create a new group, select Add

  • Fill in the details for the group you are creating
    • Name
    • Instructions
    • Display Type
    • Multiple Occurrence Switch Button
    • Active/Inactive Switch Button
    • Description
  • Once complete, select save.


  • Select Questions under assessments in the left menu
  • Here is where all questions will be listed under the active and all tabs
  • To create a new question, select add

  • Fill out the details required to create a question
    • Name
    • Data Type
    • Unit
    • Instructions
    • Display Type
    • Show Labe Switch Button (you can choose if the question Name (label) should be visible or hidden from the end user on the form and on the printed PDF)
    • Active Switch Button
    • Description
  • Once all details have been entered, select save

Once the question has been saved, you can use the Configurations tab to make text customisations - this is not compulsory and questions can still be used without filling in the configurations details.

  • Text colour

  • Text decoration

If you have selected 'Date' or 'Date & Time' as your data type for the question, you will also be able to add a minimum and maximum date that can be input.

Once you have input the data required in the configurations, select Save.

Creating an Assessment Template:

Once you have created all the necessary units, questions and groups, you can then combine all of these to create a template.

  • Select Templates under Assessments in the left menu
  • Here is where all created templates will be listed under the active and all tabs
  • To create a new template, select Add

  • Input the Name and Description for the template.
  • Select Save

  • Once you have saved the name and description, navigate to the Questions tab
  • To add Questions to the template, select Add
  • Select from questions that have already been created
  • Select the group the question will sit under
  • Select Save

If you need to edit details of the question once added to the template, you can either select the question for a pop-up to quickly update the details of the question for that template only.

Or, you can select the arrow to take you to the question to update details in the set-up of the question.