Learning Objectives:

After completing this help guide you will be able to,

  • Assign an assessment to a course
  • Complete an assessment assigned to a course

To assign an assessment to a course:

Once you have selected the course you want to assign a assessment to, to assign an assessment,

  • Select the Assessments tab
  • Select + Add

  • Fill out the required details
    • Name
    • Description
    • Template (A list of active templates that have been created will show)
    • Visibility - this is what the participant can view
      • Nothing (Participants cannot see any results)
      • Themselves (Participants can only see their results)
      • All (Participants can see everyone's results)
  • Select Save to assign the assessment to the course

To complete an assessment for a course participant:

When you have assessments you need to complete for course participants,

  • Navigate to the Assessments Tab
  • Select the assessment you want to complete

Course Participants in status CONFIRMED are automatically displayed. However, course administrators are able to add and remove participants manually if needed.
  • To add or remove participants, first navigate to the Participant Tab
  • Select the participants you want to add this assessment to (you can select more than one player)
  • Select Save

  • To remove a participant from an assessment, select the participant from the list
  • Select delete.

To complete an assessment for participants:

  • Navigate to the Results Tab
  • Select the symbol on the assessment question you want to complete
  • Fill in the details and select save

Once a result has been entered for an assessment, the result will show on the results tab page.