Learn Objectives:

After completing this help guide you will be able to,

  • Create a new child account
  • Link an existing account

MyCOMET allows us to create child accounts and seamlessly link existing accounts, whether they are designated as your child or parent account. These functionalities aim to enhance the family experience on our platform, and allow Parents to manage all their child accounts from their own parent account.

To create a new child account:

If you would like to set up a new account that is linked to your account, 

  • Once you are signed into MyCOMET open your account settings by selecting your account in the top right corner

  • You will then need to select the Linked Accounts tab
  • To create a new child account, you will need to select add under the 'Child Accounts' section
  • From here you will get a pop-up where you will need to fill in all the details for the person you are creating a child account for. Once completed, select Save

To link an account that already exists:

  • Start by navigating to the Linked Accounts tab through account settings, as shown above.
  • Here you are going to select Send Link Request
  • A pop-up window will appear, here you will need to search for the user you are wanting to link to your account by searching for their name
  • Select the send button to send the link request

Once a link request has been sent, the request show as pending under the Child Accounts list, and this will need to be approved or rejected.

To approve or reject the link request,

  • First, log into the account that the request has been sent to
  • Navigate to the Linked Accounts tab through account settings
  • The pending request will be showing under the Parent Accounts list
  • Select the three dots on the pending request, and select approve or reject

Once accounts have been linked, these will show in the top right. From here, you are able to switch between the different linked accounts by selecting the account you would like to switch to.