Learning Objectives

Once you have completed this help guide you will be able to,

  • View course participants
  • Update status of participant application
  • Update participants course attendance

Once you have created a course and participants have signed up by apply and/or paying for the course, you are then able to edit their attendance.

Note: The ability to update attendance status is only available if TRACK ATTENDANCE is selected when creating the course (under Details tab)

The three attendance status' are,

  1. Unknown
  2. Attended
  3. Not attended

To view the list of course participants,

  • Navigate to the specific course (as shown in our Create a Course)
  • Select the Participants Tab
  • Here you will see a list of participants that have signed up to the course

From this list, you can view a participants profile. Select a participant, you will then be taken to their profile. 

Here you can view their Application, Applicant info, Documents, Registrations, Licences and courses. You can also select View complete profile to be taken to their profile in COMET.

To update the status of the participants application,

If you have selected an application type that requires approval, the application will need to be reviewed and status updated. Learn more about the different types in our Application Type guide.

  • Navigate to the specific course
  • Select the Participants tab
  • Here you can view the status of the participants application

  • Select the participant you want to update the application status for
  • Once in the participants profile, under the Application tab, you will find the 'Status' section
  • Select the current status to get a list of other status' to select from,
    • Return
    • Approve
    • Reject
    • Add to waiting list

To change the participants attendance status,

  • Use the select box to either,
    • Select all participants (the first select box) or,
    • Select individual participants (the select box in line with participants)
  • Once participants have been selected, use the Set attendance button to select the attendance status you wish to update to.

A number will appear showing how many participants have been selected.

When updated a green tick will show for attended, a red x for not attended, and it will be left blank if status is unknown.

Attendance can also be updated in the participants profile. In the application tab select the status in the attendance section and select the attendance status you want to update it to.