Learning Objectives


After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create club store items,
  • Edit existing club store items.

Store items (e.g. Membership, Merchandise, Event, Donation, etc) are items that can be sold to club members and non-members. Store Items are available in the Store menu which is accessible to al MyCOMET users.

To create a new item,

  • Once logged in select Items from the left-hand menu, under ‘Payments’. This will open the items menu which contains the list of your items
  • Select + New Item

  • When + New Item has been selected, a pop-up window will appear to fill in the new item details

  • Fill in the pop-up window to create a new item: 
    • Item Icon - upload a photo of your product
    • Active switch-on button - items that are selected as inactive are not displayed to the user and cannot be purchased
    • Name – Name of the Item
    • Item Type - needs to be chosen from a drop-down list.
      • Donation
      • Merchandise
      • Affiliation
      • Other
    • Description – Description of the Item
    • Price - amount value of the item.
      • For donation items you will need to input a price range, rather than a single price
    • Survey template – here is where you can add a survey template that has already been created. Follow this link for our Survey Template Guide
  • Once you have entered all the data press the save button.

Note: If you're adding suggested amounts for a donation item, press enter on your keyboard after each suggested amount

Once the item is saved it will appear on the store menu available for purchase.

To edit a store item,

  • Navigate back to the Items menu, under 'Payments'
  • Here you will see a list of items

  • To edit, select an item from your list. This will open the Item Page with the following tabs,

Details Tab

The details tab contains general information that you have added while creating the item: Item Icon, Active switch-on button, and Description.

  • To edit, select the edit button
  • To save, select the save button

Assignments Tab

You are able to assign a specific item to specific users. The users who are assigned a special price will be listed on the Assignments Tab. Also, when accessing the Store, the users will see the Items assigned to them highlighted on top of the Store.

To assign the item to users:

  • Open the item and select the Assignments tab
  • Select the Assign button
  • Fill in the details on the pop-up window for item assignment
    • Select the User(s) to who you are assigning this price to by using the search users box
    • If you have prices with visibility=assigned defined, then you will be able to select one of those prices
    • If you assign an item to users but do not set an assigned price, then the item will be highlighted in store for that user, but the price will remain the default/standard price.
  • Once you have entered all the details select assign