Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create player registration items.


Player registrations make up a bulk of club activities at the start of the season. With COMET, you can create player specific items that allow players to register to your club for the upcoming season. All items that you create are visible for players to select via their MyCOMET profiles.


Players that select this item will automatically have a registration to your club created, with a status of ENTERED. These players will need to be confirmed to your club otherwise the registration will be incomplete. See the Confirm Player Registration footy tip on how to do this.


  • Once logged in select Clubs from the left hand menu.
  • Select New Club Item.



  • In the Type field, select the relevant football/futsal registration item type.



Football and Futsal registration types are unique item types that automatically create the corresponding registration to your club. These item types are also age dependent, meaning that a player who is outside of the age of the item’s configuration, will not be able to select the item. 


Let’s have a look at the table below to help us select the correct item type for our item.


Item Type


Ages that Can select

First Kicks


Ages 4 – 6 

Fun Football


Ages 7 – 8 

Mini Football


Ages 9 – 12

Youth Football


Ages 13 – 19 

Senior Football


Ages 20+

Junior Futsal


Ages 4 – 12 

Youth Futsal


Ages 13 – 19 

Senior Futsal


Ages 20+


Note: There is an allowance either side of the above age ranges that allows players to select the item even if they are outside of the specified age. All of the above item types allow for two years either side, with the exception of Senior Football / Futsal which allows those who are from 14 years old up.


  • The Name and the Description boxes will auto populate. You may delete the text and add your own.

  • Select the relevant Payment Model.


Note: If you are unsure of what payment model to pick, see the Items Overview footy tip.

Note: If you have selected Free as the payment model, all pricing based instructions will not apply.  

  • Input your club’s Paymark number in the Payment Account field and select the relevant Fee Model.

Note: If you are unsure of what fee model to pick, see the Items Overview footy tip.


  • Select Save.


With your item dashboard in front of you, you can add an image to the item, add prices (i.e. how much the item will cost), and view all those that have purchased the item. 



Lets add an image to our item.


  • Select Edit.
  • Select Documents.



  • Select the Plus Sign next to Item Photo and then Upload a file to find and select the image from your computer.



So far so good! Now we need to add a price to the item. Remember, if you have selected free as the payment model, you will not be able to add a price to the item. 


  • Select Add from underneath the Pricing section.



  • Input a description of the price. This could be the name of the item, or if you are doing a multi-tiered pricing structure, you might call this “Early Bird”.
  • Input the validity dates.

 Note: If you are doing a multi-tiered pricing, then you must have a valid until date.


Note: Players will be unable to select an item if they are attempting to select it outside of the specified Valid From and Valid Until dates of the item.

  • Input the price in the Total field. 
  • Select Save.

All done!


Players that log in via MyCOMET can now view this item and purchase it. All players that have purchased the item (including their payment status) will be visible in the Purchases tab.