Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create club registration items
  • View and edit club registrations items


Club registrations make up a bulk of club activities at the start of the season. With MyCOMET, you can create specific items that allow players, coaches and club staff to register to your club for the upcoming season. All items that you create are visible for members to select via their MyCOMET profiles.


Players that select this item will automatically have a registration to your club created, with a status of ENTERED. These players will need to be confirmed to your club otherwise the registration will be incomplete. See the Confirm Player Registration footy tip on how to do this.


To create a registration item:

  • Once logged in select Registrations from the left hand menu, under 'Administration'.
  • Select Add.



  • You will need to fill out the following details when creating the registration profile. Details marked with a * are the compulsory details.
    • Name - the name of the registration item
    • Registration Category- choose between,
      • Player
      • Coach
      • Staff
      • Official
    • Registration Type - registration or eligibility
    • Discipline
      • Football
      • Futsal
      • Beach Soccer
    • DOB From and To - here you can set the date of birth range. This can be used so you can create different registrations for different ages e.g. Mini Football, or Senior Football. The From or To value can be left blank if there is no minimum or maximum age.
    • Sex
    • Active Switch - to turn the registration profile active or inactive
  • Once you have filled out all the details, select Save.



Registration items no longer have age category types to choose from, instead age categories (e.g. First kicks, Youth, Senior) are created by inputting the correct date of birth range in the registration profile.

Once the registration profile has been created, you will then be able to set up details for the registration item by selecting + New Item in the 'items' tab. If you do not see an items tab, first you must create a Merchant Profile. This is explained in our Enable Online Payments in MyCOMET guide.


In the pop-up, you can fill in the following details for the new payment item.

  • Name - this will automatically fill as the same as the registration profile, but can be edited and changed.
  • Item Type - this can be set to one of the two following options:
    • Registration Payment - payment has to be completed before the registration is sent to Comet. You can still use the pay later option but the registration won't appear in Comet until the order has been set to Paid. If you are only allowing online payments then use this option.
    • Registration Payment Deferred - payment will not need to be completed before the registration is sent to Comet. If you are allowing pay later but prefer the players registration appears in Comet before they make the payment then use this option.
  • Description
  • Price
  • Survey Template - here is where you can add a survey template that has already been created. Follow this link for our Survey Template Guide


Once the registration item has been created for the registration profile, you are able to edit the registration item by selecting it under the 'Items' list.

This will take you to the payment item menu where you can edit the Details, Pricing, Assignments and Survey.

Follow these links for our Pricing Guide and Survey Guide

Assignments Tab

You are able to assign a specific item to specific users. The users who are assigned a special price will be listed on the Assignments Tab. Users will see the Items assigned to them highlighted on top of their Store.

To assign the item to users:

  • Open the item and select the Assignments tab
  • Select the Assign button
  • Fill in the details on the pop-up window for item assignment
    • Select the User(s) to who you are assigning this price to by using the search users box
    • If you have prices with visibility=assigned defined, then you will be able to select one of those prices
    • If you assign an item to users but do not set an assigned price, then the item will be highlighted in store for that user, but the price will remain the default/standard price.
  • Once you have entered all the details select assign

To view registration items:

  • Select Registrations from the left hand menu to view all items
    • The Active tab will show all active items
    • The All tab will show all items (inactive and active)
  • To edit an item, select the item you wish to edit from the list.

Note: Once a registration item has been purchased, this cannot be deleted. If it is no longer required, it will need to be made inactive using the active switch