Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • View registration items.
  • Create referee license item.
  • Understand registration process from MyCOMET.


The registration of referees for the season is quick and easy to do and is split into two processes:

  1. The creation of the registration item on COMET;
  2. The registration of the referee via MyCOMET.


As registration via MyCOMET is managed by the individual referee, you will only need to focus on creating the registration via COMET – however, its good to understand the process so you may assist referees.


Lets create a registration item on COMET:


  • Once logged in, select Organisations from the left hand menu.



  • Select New Organisation Items.



  • Ensure that the Seller field is set to that of your Federation.
    • If you are a regional based federation, ensure that this is set to the relevant region that you wish these referees to be registered to.
  • Select Referee License from the Type dropdown menu.



  • The Name and Description fields will automatically populate with text. You can replace these with text of your own.


Tip: It is best practice to use a conventional naming structure – particularly if your Federation offers other activities e.g. “Referees | Referee 2019 Registration” or “Referees | Community Referee Course”



  • Select the relevant Payment Model
    1. Payable – the referee cannot complete registration unless payment is made.
    2. Pay Later – the referee can either pay at point of registration, or select to pay later.
    3. Free – there is no cost associated to the registration.
  • If you have selected either Payable or Pay later, you will then need to select your Payment Account and relevant Fee Model.
    • Talk to your finance manager to ensure you get the correct code and select the appropriate fee model.



  • Select Save.


Great! We have created the item. Now its time to add other aspects such as the cost (if applicable), and custom fields. Let’s start by adding a cost to the item.

Tip: Use the Documents option to add an image to the item.

  • Select the Pricings tab.
  • Select Add to add a price to the item.



  • Input a Description for the price.
  • Input the Valid From and Valid Until dates for the item.
    • This indicates the dates that the item can be selected by referees. If a referee attempts to select this outside of these dates, they will receive an error message.
  • Input the price in the Total field.
  • Select the Save icon.



Now that we have added a price to the item, we can now add custom attributes. Custom attributes refer to the additional information you may wish to collect at point of registration e.g. bank account details, kit size, etc.


  • Select Custom Attributes.
  • Select New Attribute.



  • Input the question / data you wish to collect in the Attribute Name.
  • In the Description box you can input information that will assist referees with completing the question.
  • Toggle whether or not the attribute is Required.
    • If this is ticked, a referee cannot complete registration without completing this attribute.
  • Select the relevant Field Type that the attribute is:
    • Single line of text: allows referee to input a short answer.
    • Multiple lines of text: allows referee to input a long answer.
    • Date: referee must input a date.
    • Number: referee must input a number.
    • Checkbox: Allows referee to tick / untick a box.
    • Dropdown: allows referee to pick from a list of 2 or more options.
    • File: allows referee to upload a file – it uploads it against the person’s profile.
  • Select Save.



Note: If you selected dropdown as the type, the Dropdown Options box becomes available to enter text into. Enter each option available, with each one being separated with a comma.,/pre>

Done! The item is complete and ready to be selected via MyCOMET. Before we have a look at how the process looks from the referee perspective – lets go back and look at the Purchases tab.


The purchases tab shows you all the referees that have registered to this item and their payment status to it – paid, unpaid, or cancelled. It is from here that you can also run a report to view all the answers to your custom attributes; to run this report, select Survey.


Now, the registration process from a referee perspective is just as easy. 


  • Navigate to mycomet.co.nz
  • Enter in Username and Password.
  • Once logged in, select Register from the left hand menu.
  • In the Select Seller field, search and select the relevant Federation you wish to register to.


  • Select the referee license registration.
  • Scroll to bottom of page and select proceed to checkout.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions and make payment or select pay later.