Learning Objectives

After completing this help guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a new seminar.
  • View your seminars.
  • Link a new item to a seminar for self-registration.
  • Update the status and accreditation of seminar attendees. 


The Seminars Console will be used to create courses for coaches or referees that they can register to and then get easily accredited from those that are delivering the courses. 


To get started;

  • Once logged in, select Coaches and Staff. Please note this is the same when creating seminars for referees.
  • Select New Seminar



Here you will see the New Seminar screen with all of the fields being available to edit. Please find a description of each of these fields in the table below.




Registration Type

Type of course you are running – Coach, Referee or Referee Assessor.

Event Subtype

Name of the event/course you are running – e.g. Junior Level 1 or Referee Level 1.


The name of the Organisation that you are running the course from e.g. Mainland Football


Specific course name – e.g. Junior Level 1 – August 1st – English Park

Short Name

Short name if you have one, otherwise the full name can be replicated.


Location of the course/event.

Date From

The date the event is starting.

Application Period

The dates you will be taking registrations for the course/event.

Duration (h)

Duration of the course/event in hours. Note: This is not a compulsory field.

Integrate Sales Module

If turned on will allow you to link a registration product to the course/event so your participants can self-register through the MyComet portal.


Any additional information you wish to add to your course/event.


  • Fill out all of your course/event information.
  • Select Save


Once saved you will see three tabs – Configure Self-Registration, Coach & Re-examinations. We will first focus on Configure Self-Registration.


  • Select the Configure Self-Registration tab.
  • Select the Create Item button.

  • From the dialogue box create an item as you normally would for any other registration. Note: The type must be Seminar Attendance for it to link with your seminar. See Items Overview Footy Tip if you need assistance creating the item. 



Once this item has been created then we can add pricing and custom attributes. Let's start with pricing.

  • Click the arrow next to the item to navigate to the item dashboard.
  • Select the Pricing tab if it is not already selected.
  • Select Add.

  • Input a Description for the price. Note that this will be visible to people via MyCOMET.
  • Input the Valid From date. This is the starting date that the item can be selected.
  • Input the Valid Until date. This is the last day that the item can be selected.
  • Input the price of the item in the Total field.
  • Select the save icon.

Now let's add Custom Attributes (or custom fields). As the name suggests, here you can create additional information that you would like to collect about a person. These additional fields become visible as soon as someone selects the item via MyCOMET.

  • Select Custom Attributes tab.
  • Select New Attribute.

  • Add the Attribute Name - this part will be visible to those purchasing the item.
  • Description field is an internal reference only not visible to those purchasing.
  • Toggle whether or not the field is Required. If ticked, then the person must complete this when selecting the field. 
  • Finally, select the Field Type e.g. one line of text, multiple lines of text, checkbox etc.

Once that is all set click the options button and click Copy URL. Use this link to direct your coaches or referees straight to the registration item.